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{sounding code} in berlin

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

went to this inspiring symposium on supercollider developing platform for artists and musicians..

Installation Großer Wasserspeicher Print

Großer Wasserspeicher, 18. – 26. September, 14 – 20h
Opening: Friday 17. September, 18h

Alberto de Campo, Generative Art class at UdK Berlin & guests:

“Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum – Experimental studies in deep sea communication”

organized by UdK Berlin in cooperation with singuhr e.V.
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Installations .HBC Print

18. – 26. September, 14 – 22h
Opening: Friday 17.Sept. 20h
ground floor

Ron Kuivila — Alex at Twilight
Andre Bartetzki — A Show Case for SC Tweets

second floor
Jost Muxfeldt — Audio Kinematics
Marije Baalman — Sonobotanics – Montreal models
Jonas Hummel — [PB_UP] – a patchwork portrait
Hanns Holger Rutz & Nayari Castillo — Dissemination

Victor Mazon Gardoqui — Interferenzen – Expanded Field
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.HBC Open Stage Print

Monday 20. September, 20h (incl. Berlin SC user group meeting)
Tuesday 21. September, 20h
Wednesday 22. September, 20h
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Thursday, 23.Sept., 19h, WFS Concert Print

John Bischoff “Sidewalk Chatter (Redux)”
Marcus Schmickler “Bonner Durchmusterung”
Bjarni Gunnarsson & Miguel Negrão “Fallacies”
Alberto de Campo “Reversing Pendulum Music”
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Thursday, 23.Sept., 22h, Ausland Concert 1 Print

Ruben Patiño — 3.3.3
Itaru Yasuda — complex composition
Scott Cazan / Jana Papenbrook — I Like Supercollider and Supercollider Likes Me
Roberto Garretón — From one place to another and the paths in between
EVOL– Untitled
Nick Collins — scryptogram

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Friday 24.Sept., 19h , Kl. Wasserspeicher Concert 1 Print

Daisuke Ishida — Erratic Flow
Paulo Ferreira-Lopes — de Profundis, for violin and electronics
Scott Price — Veils
Pyoung Ryang Ko — Fantaisie-Impromptu electroacoustique, for flute, percussion and electronics
Olaf Hochherz — Hoffnungsträger
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano — A Very Fractal Cat, Somewhat T[h]rilled, for performer and four virtual pianos
Tom Hall & Katy Price — “Under the Yoke”, for narrator, flute, electric guitar, trombone, percussion and laptops

ensemble unitedberlin
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Friday 24.Sept., 22h, Ausland Concert 2 Print

Chad McKinney and LAG — Neuromedusae II
Yvan Volochine — untitiled
Alo Allik — f(x)
Mark Rossi — Untitled (parts I-IV)
Fredrik Olofsson — redUniform
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Saturday 25.Sept., 19h, Kl. Wasserspeicher Concert 2 Print

Andre Bartetzki — String-Theory, for violin and electronics
Sergio Luque — “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll” was never meant to be like this
Nicola Buso — Wassersprache in Wasserspeicher, for computer and electroacoustic feedback
José Miguel Fernandez — M-brana, for double bass, percussion and electronics based on instrumental motion capture
Robin Meier — The Body is a Vessel for Apnoe Diver and Computer Freediver: Elisabeth Kristoffersen (Norway)
Quiet Noise Quartet untitled

ensemble unitedberlin
Quiet Noise Quartet
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Saturday 25.Sept., 22h, Raum 20 Print

Supercollider Club Event Pre-Midnight Line.up

Curtis McKinney — When the Snake eats its Tail
Timur Kuyanov — “nanoscape.0”,
WORLD DOMINATION Mattias Petersson, Daniel Karlsson and Jonatan Liljedahl

Mario de Vega DJ

Post Midnight Line-Up:
Cylob (London/Berlin, UK)
Binray (Bristol, UK)
Somtek vs Skylla (Luzern, Switzerland)
Heinrich At Hart (Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany)
Dj Poingi (Tel Aviv/Berlin, Israel)
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Sunday 26. September, 18h, .HBC – Laptop Ensembles Print


Andre Wakko Hostalácio — Marionet, interactive network installation


Cole Ingraham — LAGMonster
Benoit and the Mandelbrots — Ad-LiBerlin
Das IMM-Rundfunkorchester — Extractions Pt. I
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