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My last project in Berlin – July 2011

August 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I intervene in the footpath area in front of ‘Errant Bodies Space’ in Kollwitzstraße by attaching a contact microphone on the bike railing, on a pot and several objects/materials I find in the given space willing to transmit pre-recorded sounds/noises for creating a physical/behavioural interaction/situation for visitors. During the performance event I am in the celler for monitoring the whole system and for mixing field recordings every half hour through a programming language. There are in total four speakers, two in the pavement outdoor, one in the cellar and another one in the corridor next to it. All the playbacks have been taken from everyday places I have lived during the last four months in Berlin area – voices in the park, shared steps, tiny slams, chirps and thunderstorms, forms of protest and sonic social behaviour – edited afterwards in order to question the nature of public places and its people in a contextual environment. All urban artifacts I chose for the sonic interplay act as a symbolic reference for expectation and hope, loss and separation, unconscious desires and irrational fears  – emotions experienced by everyone but deeply connected with the private sphere of the body where disruptive spaces and free movements can be explored and discovered.

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