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My presentation at the V&A Digital Future Drop-In, London > April 2012

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silence#01My aim is to explore sound in public urban space and how that sound is deployed in that space. As sensation is fundamental to our experience of the world, I am rather concerned with the nature of perception and the role of the senses in society. Audiomagma is a small scale installation, partly interactive, based on field recordings and photographs I am gathering in a very first stage of the research. Using contact microphones as sensors for physical interaction and a real-time graphical dataflow programming environment for monitorization, people activate the pre-recorded sounds/noises by touching several concrete objects. Meanwhile, a projection of photographs regarding a ‘visual space of sound’ runs on a screen. Thus, I present a work in progress project for sharing my concerns towards new ‘forms of listening’ and live interactions with the built environment.

Elisabetta Senesi 

MPhil/PhD Sonic Arts, Unit for Sound Practice Research, Goldsmiths College, University of London

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