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Sonic Space #05 | A Multi-Channel Installation part of 3rd HaPoC 2015

February 7, 2016 Leave a comment

I achieved a new sound art work at this International Science Conference focused on the History and Philosophy of Computing happened in Pisa 8-11 October.

HaPoC 2015

The project presents an interactive, spatial sound installation based on audio listening, field recordings and physical computing. It is composed by five acoustic found objects/materials and deals with concept of curiosity, sociality and proximity. The repetition, the transmission and the temporality of sounds/noises we experience and inhabit in our three-dimensional world.


Sonic Space #05, 2015 Elisabetta Senesi – Ex Macelli/ Outdoor Garden, Pisa Mac Book Pro, M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Sound Card 5Ch, Pure Data Real Time, Real Time Programming Language, Vibration Sensors, Mixer Mackie, Amplifier Outline T44, Loudspeakers Bose


The piece is a location-based sonic intervention where sourced architectural objects/materials are being used as instruments of physical interaction and sonic transmission. There is no beginning or end, yet a continuous non-linear sonic ON/OFF aiming to create a space for exploration and play by actively engaging visitors in the co-creation of the work. Each object/material stores a specific pre-recorded sound/noise. Essentialy people peak up the sound by touching them, separately. Audience is invited to explore the space around and listening. Each action/interaction actionates and playbacks the sound/noise for a certain period of time depending on the scale of vibration. An analog-digital system I have designed monitors in real-time the entire progression of the performative event.



The installation was on from 10am to 5pm for three days within the HaPoC Conference. Public audience engaged expectedly and unexpectedly depending on body movements and physical gestures with objects. An academic publication with a detailed article about my piece will follow.

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