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CITY SONDOLS acoustic performance – part of Sonic Somatic Florence

November 22, 2016 Leave a comment

14700956_1783960925185030_9115621348617518573_oCity Sondols offers temporary appropriation’s strategies in urban and architectonical spaces. These are transformed in set designs for sound and aesthetic rituals where the borders between protest, game and sensorial exploration are blurring. The public is invited to experience such an evocative place of the city both physically and acoustically.

Performers: Monica Belloni, Matteo Coluccia, Anna Maria Di Giacomo, Nicola Giannini, Andrea Lulli, Valerio Orlandini, Francesco Perissi, Elisabetta Senesi.

Conductor: Matteo Marangoni

Here below the  link about the venue and more info:



I was part of this happening after an intense three day workshop with Matteo Marangoni where we built a square waves oscillator and prepared a final performance along the streets of Florence.  The performance event started
in the abandoned spaces of the ex-monastery of Sant’Orsola in Florence in which we will resonate with DIY electronic instruments.

The performance is the result of an intensive workshop held by the sound artist Matteo Marangoni iii (instrument inventors initiative) based in Den Haag (NL) for Sonic Somatic 2016 in collaboration with Tempo Reale (IT).

Friday 21st October 2016 1AM

Via Taddea >>>>>>> Piazzale Degli Uffizi





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Sonus Loci reloaded. The audio-photo piece showed at FKL Forum Klang LAnd SChaft 2016 – Teatro Machiavelli, Catania (Sicily)

November 2, 2016 Leave a comment

The audio-photographic piece is the outcome of a workshop I led at LdM – U.S. University in Florence – over a month with five entry-level Photography/Fine Arts students. The project started from a need to combine and experiment with different art languages in order to build a multi-sensorial approach to space. After a brief presentation about my art practice with photography, and more recently with sound, we had a listening session in class focused on the area we chose as a spot for our fieldwork. I asked students to write down what the audio tells about the space, and start to imagine it visually. We went out there in the outskirts of the city, me with microphones and field recorders for capturing all kind of ‘voices’ of place and students with cameras and lenses for interpreting that sort of ‘voices’. Built environment, architecture development, human activity and every aspect of this public space comes out of it, both visually and sonically. All the audio-visual stuff we gathered had been uploaded to a computer for editing and eventually for finding a strategy to put all these things together, and make them work. After a long session of selection and analysis of the collected materials the two media started to interact each other, they spoke and found a connection about where we were and what that place meant. Even though the two languages are so diverse and distant as they reach different senses, they are so close in terms of what we can grab from the reality and then re-contextualised with new shapes of meaning. That is exactly my starting point for the workshop and what I intent to achieve during the very end of the project where sound and image gathered with different times and perspectives had been match.



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