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Limbus #02 – A new Interactive Sonic Piece of mine part of the residency programme at Performing Santa Caterina Foligno (PG)

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2016_11_19_13_19_27_oneshotAt the end of year 2016 I was artist-in-residency for ten days in the small town of Foligno (PG) where I presented a sound intervention for the spaces of the ex-church Auditorium Santa Caterina. The project explores practice of field recording as critical approach to public places and listening spaces. I focused on historical and anthropological sounds/noises gathered after long and accurate soundwalking activity within the city center of Foligno. At the end of the residency I achieved an interactive indoor sonic piece for the foyer space where boundaries of performance, installation and play are trangsressed. Through an analogic/electronic system I developed and built, audience activates sounding objects/materials spread out on the floor of the ex-church. It has been used long wires of vibration sensors/piezos, a 6.1 multi-channel speakers system and a real-time programming language for monitoring the entire interaction.


Live At Performing Santa Caterina


2016_11_18_17_49_14_oneshotThe piece remains passive, silent and invisible until the user approach it physically. A boom of pre-recorded sound/noise accurately gathered and edited is playbacked for a certain time depending on the vibration of the material. The projects aims to focus on how field recordings can impact upon our understanding of space and the possibility perhaps, to experience the everyday in an unsual fashion.

All this it wouldn’t be possible without the support of Via Industriae, La Società Dello Spettacolo, Foligno In Contemporanea, Mibact, Comune di Foligno and Regione Umbria.


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