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Sonus Loci #2017 My new piece first screening in Perugia [IT]

May 15, 2017 Leave a comment

Sonus Loci #2017 from elisabetta senesi on Vimeo.

This piece has been shown in Portugal, Canada, Ireland and Italy within several sound/video & performing art festivals/exhibitions. In a virtual space as this, wearing headphones is strongly reccomended. Otherwise increase speaker volume at the maximum.

Binaural Recordings, B/W Photographs, Texts
Hanging Circular Display, Four Loudspeakers

SL is a space for reflections and visions, liberty and desire. From a costant live present in the surrounding environment towards multilayered perspectives of the self. Focusing the ears by locating sounds within a fragmentary overhearing of voices and bodies afar. A developing architectural space, men and women at work for future dwelling, the outskirt of a broken city, segments of common ground, and the possibility of an open field. From a minimal ray of the everyday experience to the discovering of an extra-ordinary dimension. Phenomenal, psycological, extremely physical.

SEGNALI 2017 Audiovisual & Performing Arts Festival

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